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In July of 2016, KANSAS CITY’S MEDICINE CABINET will note its 11th year of operation. As of April, 2016, in excess of $5.3 million dollars has provided more than 27,500 emergency medical services. One million dollars has been allocated for services in 2016.


In early May of 2016, 58 Trinity nursing scholarships totaling $159,250  and 19 Hollinger nursing scholarships totaling $29,390 were awarded. Application information and requirements for the 2017 Trinity Lutheran Hospital School of Nursing Alumnae Scholarships and the L.A. Hollinger, M.D. Scholarships can be found on the Education/Grants page. Please use the links for eligibility requirements. Scholarships are awarded in mid-May of every year. Congratulations to all the 2016 award winners!


The 2016 Orear Conference… learn about recent advances in medicine, network with peers, and connect with leaders in the medical field. Please see the Education/Grants tab and the Orear link for more information. Online reservations are now open for the conference through the link. Institute for Post-Graduate Medical Studies “Recent Advances in Medicine” Conference will be held on June 23rd and 24th at the DoubleTree in Overland Park, Kansas.



Contact us to participate in our November 2016 coin collection. Your school or company’s small change can add up to BIG change for those who need help!

WHAT IS COINS FOR THE CABINET? It’s a simple idea… the forgotten pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in your couch or your spare change jar can provide emergency medical assistance for Kansas Citians in need. We place a jar in your classroom or your office during one week in November and your classmates or co-workers can figure out how to run the collection. Some schools have competitions. Some businesses have garage sales or team challenges. It’s totally up to you! Call us today to find out how you can participate in 2016! (816) 276-7555